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      Meet our team

      Eric Petrus

      President & CEO

      Paul Christensen

      Chief Financial Officer

      Austin Christensen

      Director, Business Development & Sales

      Caroline Mills

      Head of Quality

      Jason Lam

      Chief Operations Officer

      Jan Hirjak

      Senior Account Manager

      Alison Davies

      Quality Assistant

      Jose Meza

      Operations Manager

      Yuksel Buber

      Account Manager

      Michael Park

      Inventory Manager & Tech Specialist

      Vesko Rashev

      Operations Assistant Manager

      Harry Shelton

      Account Manager

      Raymond Kim

      Financial Analyst

      Amar Numanovic​​

      Purchasing Analyst

      Nicole Vujanic

      Account Manager

      Manuel Morra

      Operations Associate

      Naoto Umemoto

      Operations Associate

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      At Kingsway Wholesale, we share a clear purpose: helping healthcare institution provide better services to their clients. Through our services, we’re pioneering a bold new approach to total health. We take pride in having the best customer service team in the industry. 

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