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Our mission is to provide the highest quality of pharmaceutical distribution that integrates business needs, client perspective and community wellbeing in the field of brand name and generic pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

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Our Commitment To Provide The Best Quality Medical Supplies

Kingsway Wholesale is a full service wholesaler distributing pharmaceuticals, OTCs, home health care products, health and beauty aids, cosmetics, confectionery, and seasonal products. We strive to form a strong partnership as we are committed to providing superior service and reliable product availability to all our customers.

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Established 2008

Medical Supplier Based In Toronto

Kingsway Wholesale is dedicated to the highest quality assurance in both pharmaceuticals and customer service. We adhere to strict compliance standards to ensure products are licensed, audited and securely stored in our facilities. We serve the needs of medical facilities and pharmacies through competitive pricing and same day service.

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Retail PharmaciesWe develop solutions for retail pharmacies to compete and grow through innovative services and supports by expanding the range of medical supplies.Learn moreManufacturersWe are closely working with pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver advanced medical treatments to further improve overall care and outcomesLearn more
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